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Our story

The idea of “…and friends” came about at a dinner party. We were sitting around talking about the possibility of playing with each other as we did not get to do much during the school year since we are all so busy. We talked about it, and talked some more, and realized that if we did not go ahead and set a date, it would not happen. So, a date was set, and now the discussion turned to what we should put on the program. Pieces were suggested, discussed, fought over, and with all of the repertoire we wanted to play, we quickly realized that this could not be just a stand-alone concert, we would need a whole series. As of right now, we have dates and repertoire in mind but nothing set in stone.

The title of our concert series is a little more humorous. There are many examples of big concert artists having their own series: Martha Argerich and friends, Janine Jenson and friends, etc. The problem is, though we might be aspiring concert artists ourselves, we haven’t reached the pinnacle of success and importance to have our series of “So and So and friends”. So, for now, we are humbly “…and friends.”